Senegal Tours and Vacations

From the beautiful women with their multicolored dresses with  warm smiles, to the cheerful exuberance of typical African market life, to the bustling daily routine in the busy streets, the welcome in Senegal is always warm.
senegal fish market

In Senegal, anytime is dancing time, night or day. If you hear the sound of the tam tam (drum) coming from one of the many ceremonies, be prepared to be pulled in to participate in the merrymaking. Experience the daily life of friendly village people, including the spectacle of the fishermen returning to shore and the drying and distribution of the days catch.

Dakar Tours and Vacations


Dakar is a modern metropolis and the capital city of Senegal that opens wide the gateway to Africa. The city offers museums, beaches, historical sites and non-stop cultural experiences. Local markets sell everything from clothing in beautiful handmade fabrics, to freshly cut coconuts, wood carvings and handmade drums.
Goree Island Tours

A few minutes away from Dakar by boat lies the charming yet infamous island of Goree. The sandy streets are lined with pastel colored houses, which contrast dramatically with the somber memory of Goree’s past, brought to life by the Door of No Return.

Casamance Tours and Vacations

The Casamance region is known as Senegal’s Storehouse, where the land is still used for farming and cattle raising. Casamance is also known for its fabulous beaches.
Saint-Louis Tours and Vacations

Saint-Louis is the former colonial capital of Senegal, where history resides on every corner. The fishing port is located here, as well as the main market. Visit Saint-Louis for its music festivals, cultural exhibits, its world re-known  Djoudj National  Park famous for its world class bird sanctuary with thousands of species.

Senegal Hotels and Resorts

You will have many hotel options on your vacation in Senegal, from luxurious 5-star convention resorts  to  owner- managed guest houses, your choices are  endless.  Go south  from Dakar to  Saly Beach Resort, a haven of relaxation with a carpet of golden sands stretching as far as the eye can see.

For business, for vacation, to discover your heritage, or just for the pleasure of it, visit Senegal.

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