The Best of Senegal- 8 Days

Starting at $ 2275 per person

Start and end in Dakar! With the in-depth cultural tour The Best of Senegal, you have an 8 day tour package taking you through Dakar, Senegal and 10 other destinations in Senegal. The Best of Senegal includes accommodation in a hotel as well as an expert guide, meals, transport and more.

Introducing Senegal -6 Days

Starting at $ XXXX per person

Experience top tourist destinations in Senegal like never before on this 6 Day tour Introducing Senegal. Highlights of this tour includes;

Classical Tour of Senegal – 4 Days

Starting at $ XXXX per person

Explore Senegal in West Africa with us. Senegal is bordered by Mauritania in the north, Mali to the east, Guinea to the southeast, and Guinea-Bissau to the southwest. The highlights of this 4 day Classical Tour of Senegal includes; Gare Maritime Port, Goree Island, Renaissance Monument and the Museum of Black civilization, Pink Lake, Bandia Game Reserve and many more.

Backroads Of Senegal-13 Days

Starting at $3690 per person

See another side of Senegal on this unique tour! Special stops include Goree Island, the National Gallery of Tapestry in Thies, Bandia Game Reserve, twin villages Joal and Fadiouth, Niokolo Koba Game Reserve, the holy city of Touba and even more!

Dakar and Goree Island -1 Day

You will be collected at our prearranged starting point and begin the city tour of Dakar and vicinity starting at Independence Place in the centre of Dakar. We will pass by presidential palace and the main cathedral before continuing on seafront drive towards Soumbedioune market and the mosque de la revelation. This tour will reveal the contrasts among some upscale residential areas and other popular neighbourhoods You will visit popular hotspots like Kermel or Tillem market before visiting a popular highlight, the Monument de la Renaissance overlooking Dakar and the modern Museum of Black Civilization.

Keur Moussa/Kayar/Tortoise Village/Pink Lake-1 Day

We depart to Keur Moussa where you can observe or participate in the morning mass at the now famous monastery built by Benedictine Monks in the early 1900s. Here you will see Benedictine Monks celebrating mass accompanied by traditional African musical instruments such as Koras, Balafons and Soft Drums. Mass is celebrated in French with a generous sprinkling of Walof.

After Keur Moussa, continue to the nearby fishing village of Kayar. Ffishing is the main economic activity of Kayar. Observe the vibrant colorful spectacle as the fishermen returning to shore with the days catch haggle with their wholesale distributors amid the animated noise and activities.